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Hemologix manufactures and distributes worldwide the TEM-AThromboElatoMeter-Automated, an instrument for the evaluation of hemostasis by analysis of the mechanical behaviour of blood during coagulation. It is mainly used in Anesthesia and Intensive Care as a POC instrument, since it provides analytic parameters not available in routine coagulation lab tests.

TEM-A is a modular automated instrument available as a single-module MonoTEM-A or as a multi-module expandable TEM-A unit with a maximum of four modules.
All units are supplied with a simple proprietary software. MonoTEM-A can be used with own PC/Notebook, while TEM-A has a notebook within the unit.

The analysis is carried out in a special disposable cup & pin, using a 0,36 ml sample of blood and can be done on native blood, heparinised blood or citrated blood.

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