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Hemostasis management



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The modular system Tem-A (ThromboElastoMetro-Automated) allows a quick analysis of whole blood by detecting, through an easy to interpret thromboelastometric curve, haemorrhages and thrombosis. It is a medical device indicated for the diagnosis of coagulation alterations entirely manufactured in Italy with the original Hartert technique.

TEM-A measures the viscoelastic properties of the clot providing graphs and numerical data in real time.

TEM-A, which can be customized from 1 to 4 analysis stations, allows a general diagnosis of the various aspects of haemostasis: from the activation of the coagulation pathways, to the qualitative evaluation of fibrinogen, to platelet function and to the management of anticoagulants.

The dedicated TemaWin management system allows you to perform specific tests for the type of investigation required (platelets, fibrinogen, lysis, etc.) allowing the most suitable combination of reagents for each clinical circumstance, thus avoiding waste of reagents. Exposure of the cuvette, autocalibration, automatic positioning of the sample, durability and usability without parts subject to wear and without scheduled maintenance are some of the unique features of Tem-A.

In addition, the TemaWin system allows you to create a library of normal values, overlapping curves, comparisons of absolute values ​​and percentage values ​​of MA. It displays graph and data of R, alpha, k, MA and three modes of measurement of lysis.

The DM Tem-A is the only thromboelastography system with the original method produced by Hemologix entirely in Italy with direct technical assistance from the factory.

Hemostasis management


Compact, low-cost POC device with a thromboelastographic analysis station for rapid targeted assessment of the patient’s haemostasis. It can be used with specific reagent combinations for situations where global analysis is not relevant.

Hemostasis management


Modular device expandable up to four analysis stations. It allows you to carry out comparative tests between samples of the same blood treated differently, or of multiple blood samples from different patients. Ideal for all situations where simultaneous analysis of samples is required.